Recent Cases

DUI – Dismissed
Our client was sitting at home when he received a call that there was an emergency. He left and arrived where he was directed to go. No one saw him drive and he was never offered a field sobriety test. Because his adrenaline was pumping and he had been sweating the police assumed he had been drinking. The case was dismissed.

DUI – Dismissed
Our client was driving home and rear-ended a car in front of him and he was arrested for DUI. Our client had a prior DUI and was facing possible jail time, but we were able to work with the arresting officer and the prosecutor to show that the limited evidence required a dismissal.

Public Intoxication – Dismissed
Our clients were married and decided to go out and celebrate a new promotion. They arranged for a designated driver and made plans for a fun-filled evening. On their way home their designated driver was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. Our clients were charged with Public Intoxication. We were able to show the prosecutor that they took every step to ensure their safety and the safety of others. After taking the case always to the trial date and preparing for a jury trial both cases were dismissed.

Non-DUI Driver’s License Suspension – Four years dropped from suspension
Our client lost his license ten years before meeting with our office. He continued to receive tickets for driving while revoked and driving while suspended, which added time to the overall suspension. We were able to knock four years off of the suspension.

Theft of Property 3rd – Dismissed
Our client was arrested for shoplifting in local municipal court’s jurisdiction. She was caught on camera and admitted to the act when confronted. We were able to use her prior record, profession and other criteria to convince the court to dismiss the case, which kept her record clean.

Domestic Violence – Not Guilty
Our client was arrested and charged with domestic violence because he put his stepson in timeout. The mother of the “victim” child was present and pleaded with the police that her husband, our client, did nothing wrong and that the child had issues with telling the truth. The police arrested our client anyway and because of the unacceptable offers to plead guilty we took the case to trial. Our firm was professional yet aggressive while questioning the child and we were able to show his difficulties with telling the truth. The judge found our client not guilty.

Disorderly Conduct – Not Guilty
Our client approached a police officer and asked for help. The officer arrested our client for being disorderly and would later testify that our client was “very loud.” We took the case to a jury and our client was found not guilty in less than ten minutes of jury deliberation.

DUI – Dismissed and NO Driver’s License Suspension
Our client was pulled over at a road block near Pell City. He had been working all day and was not drunk, but because he was driving so late the police assumed he was drunk. He refused the breathalyzer test and was taken to jail. We set the case for trial and quickly learned that the police did not follow proper procedure in setting up the road block. We moved that the evidence be thrown out and the case dismissed. The judge granted our motion and our client left the courthouse without paying any money or going back to jail. We also helped him keep his driver’s license.

Non-DUI Driver’s License Suspension – No Suspension
Our client had a job, which required him to drive long distances nearly every day. Because of the frequency of his travels he got several speeding tickets. He finally go one too many and the state was going to suspend his driver’s license. Without his driver’s license, he was looking at the real possibility of losing his job. We appealed the suspension and were able to have the ticket thrown out, which saved our client from losing his driver’s license and more importantly his job.

DUI – Dismissed
Our client was arrested by local municipal police for alleged DUI. However, she was not intoxicated, but because of a child hood injury was unable to complete the field sobriety test. The police officers exercised very little compassion and would not listen to our client’s explanations for her inability to perform certain tasks. The police made up their mind that she was drunk and placed her under arrest. As soon as I was hired, we appealed her case to Jefferson County Circuit Court and the case was dismissed.

DUI – Not Guilty
Our client was arrested on December 13, 2008 for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or DUI. The facts of the case were that our client was driving at a dangerously low rate of speed on the interstate. After being pulled over she refused to take a field sobriety test, but agreed to take the “blow test”. She blew a .04 (BAC), which is far below the legal limit. This low of a BAC actually creates a legal presumption that the defendant was NOT under the influence of alcohol. The police arrested her anyway.
At the District Court level, we refused the District Attorney’s offer and pled not guilty. At trial the State could not produce any evidence that my client could not operate the car safely. Therefore, we moved for the case to be dismissed and our client was found NOT GUILTY.

Harassment – Not Guilty
Our client was arrested in December for harassment. The alleged facts were that our client yelled a profanity directed toward the alleged victim while driving in his car. He and the alleged victim had a running feud, but our client denied this incident. Our firm took this case to a jury trial beginning in April and the jury found our client Not Guilty.

Five Misdemeanor Charges – Not Guilty on All Charges
Our client was arrested and charged with numerous misdemeanors, including Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication, Interfering with a Government Investigation, etc. At the Municipal Court level we were able to have him found Not Guilty of the Public Intoxication, but because the laws are so broad we were forced to appeal the Disorderly Conduct and Interfering with a Government Investigation charges to the Circuit Court for a jury trial.
The alleged facts were that our client parked in the driveway of a “known” drug house with a bag in his hand. The police, while acting over zealous, arrested our client. It was their belief that the bag contained an illicit drug, but the police quickly learned that the bag contained food from a local restaurant. Even after discovering the contents of the bag, they still charged our client with five (5) misdemeanors hoping at least one would stick. After a trial by jury, our client was found Not Guilty on all charges.

Assault 3rd – Not Guilty
Our client was arrested on September 26, 2007 for Assault in the 3rd Degree. The alleged facts were that a woman came to our client’s house and tried to enter the premises without permission. A friend of the woman tried to help and was allegedly assaulted by our client.
At trial we denied any assault took place and presented evidence of an Alabama that removes the “duty to retreat” if an individual is attacked in his or her home. The jury deliberated for just two (2) hours before they brought back a verdict of Not Guilty.

DUI – Dismissed
Our client was arrested in October for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Talladega County. There were many questions about whether the police followed procedure in obtaining evidence against him. Our office fought this case for over two years and finally, the DUI was dismissed.

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