Alabama Small Business Lawyer

As a business owner, protecting your personal finances and your investment into the business is likely among your main concerns. Incorporating your small business is a viable strategy for gaining some protection under state and federal laws. Incorporation also offers significant tax benefits and liability factors.

At the Amari Law Firm, we leverage 30 years of experience to offer guidance to Birmingham area business owners interested in exploring the benefits of incorporation. Well versed in business law, we are able to provide the detailed guidance you need to pursue incorporation quickly and effectively.

We provide assistance to business owners seeking a wide range of corporation types, including:

  • For-profit corporations
  • Non-profit corporations
  • Private corporations
  • Professional corporations

Explore the Benefits of Incorporation

Incorporating your business may offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Personal liability protection: Incorporating your business helps to protect you from personal liability for the obligations and debts of the business. This also protects your personal assets against repossession should the business be sued.
  • Transfer of ownership: Ownership rights are clearly detailed during the incorporation process. This allows for simple transfer of ownership from one party to another.
  • Tax benefits: Corporations are often taxed at lower rates than individual owners, allowing you to keep more of the company’s profits within the business.
  • Durability: The process of incorporation allows the business to continue to exist even after the death of a shareholder.

Comprehensive Guidance through the Incorporation Process

Our staff offers hands-on guidance throughout the various steps in the process of incorporating your business. We will help you gather or complete all of the documents necessary to file for incorporation, including:

  • Articles of incorporation: Also known as a certificate of incorporation, this document must include details on the purpose of the business, the principal place of the business, the name of the main agent of the business who will act as contact person and the types and number of stock shares.
  • Name of the corporation: All incorporated business must have a name that clearly describes the business and includes the proper legal ending applicable to the type of corporation.
  • Corporate bylaws: Your business must file corporate bylaws with the state. These bylaws must outline certain administrative details including schedules of shareholder meetings, voting guidelines and other details.

Discuss the Incorporation Process with an Attorney

To learn more about the incorporation process, or to discuss the benefits incorporation may provide to your business, contact us online or call 205-655-8484 today.