Birmingham Child Custody Attorney

When the decision to end a marriage or relationship has been made, there are many legal issues that must be considered. When children are involved in the relationship, determining who will have custody of them, and who will be responsible for making decisions relating to healthcare, education and religion.

Understanding how your child custody arrangement will be determined can be difficult; the complexities of Alabama family laws make it challenging to determine how they will apply to your family’s unique situation.

At the Amari Law Firm, we offer detailed advice on your rights as a parent, as well as how the courts may view your custody situation. We make every effort to help you create realistic custody goals, and then pursue them in court.

We Will Fight to Make Your Voice Heard

As a parent, ensuring that your voice is heard on matters relating to your children is very important. Our staff will fight to help you voice your opinion and concerns throughout your proceedings, and makes every effort to help you express your thoughts in a clear and constructive manner.

We Know the Many Factors Judges Consider during Custody Disputes

There are many issues that a judge may consider while determining a child custody arrangement, including:

  • Family history: One of the most important factors a family court will consider when determining a custody arrangement is the history of the family. Issues involving drug or alcohol addition, physical or emotional abuse and other potential harmful issues will be considered.
  • The child’s best interests: A family court judge may consider the best interests of the children when making a custody determination. For instance, if one parent works long hours and is out of the home the majority of the day, while the other parent works more common hours, the judge may consider placing the children in the home of the parent who can offer more consistent attention.

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We know that child custody issues can be very emotional matters. That’s why we work so hard to alleviate your stress and offer the information you need to understand your rights and your options for pursuing a fair custody arrangement.

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