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An arrest for drunk driving or domestic violence or drug possession or any other charge is serious, but it does not have to define or derail your life. You may have made a mistake or the police may have been in error when they arrested you. Whatever the case, you are entitled to have a lawyer on your side.

The Amari Law Firm was founded in 1978 by attorney John E. Amari with high ideals: Uphold justice and protect the rights of the people of Alabama with strong ethical standards, a deep understanding of the law, and a legal practice that works for the best outcomes for our clients.

The elder Amari is now a judge in Jefferson County while his son, John Amari, continues to uphold the firm’s dedication to the community and our clients.

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It may seem like a small problem – a DUI arrest, an argument with a spouse, a small amount of marijuana. But seemingly small problems can have far-reaching consequences in a criminal justice system that is set up to convict and punish.

The best way to understand all your options, to get straight talk about your situation, is to talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer. John Amari has substantial experience in challenging evidence, getting to the truth, fighting for his clients’ rights, finding alternative solutions, and taking cases to a judge and jury. In every case for every client, he works for the best outcome possible.

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Your first consultation is free. You can get to know your Mountain Brook DUI Lawyer and get some straight answers in plain language about your situation. Our law firm has been representing people in cases like yours for more than 30 years. We can help. Know your rights and your options. Contact our Homewood DUI Attorneys for a free consultation.

“I was arrested by an over-zealous police officer. That same day I called John and hired him to look into the charges against me. It turns out that I was charged with the wrong crime and I was charged with a crime that did not even exist. John had my case taken care of on the first visit to court.”