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Creating a living will is one of the most generous gifts you can offer your loved ones; doing so can remove the confusion and emotional stress of making life-changing health decisions on your behalf. Providing your family with your advance healthcare directives also helps to ensure that you receive the health care you desire, allowing you to retain some control in the event that you are incapacitated either physically or mentally.

At the Amari Law Firm in Birmingham, we leverage more than 30 years of legal experience to offer detailed living will guidance to clients throughout Alabama. Our lawyers take great care to provide the guidance you need to understand the benefits of a living will, and to navigate the process of clearly stating your wishes.

Who May Benefit from a Living Will?

Creating a living will may be beneficial for many people, including:

  • Those living with serious illness
  • Parents who wish to remove the pressure of serious healthcare decisions from their children
  • Elderly individuals
  • Those with religious convictions against certain types of healthcare
  • Any individual who wishes to convey their final desires to their loved ones

Convey Your Wishes with Confidence

The Amari Law Firm takes great care to provide the advice and guidance you need to clearly state your desire for healthcare treatments in the event of your physical or mental incapacitation. Our experience allows us to offer advice on the many aspects of a living will, including:

  • Choosing a healthcare agent: One of the most important parts of creating an effective living will is choosing a person who will be responsible for making healthcare decisions on your behalf. Your healthcare agent should have your best interests in mind, should understand your wishes and should be trusted enough to follow them. Healthcare agents do not necessarily have to be family members.
  • Proclaiming your treatment wishes: Another important aspect of a living will is the declaration of your healthcare wishes. When declaring your wishes, it is important to consider many factors, including your religious preferences, your beliefs on life support and your desire to remain independent. A comprehensive living will should include your wishes regarding life support, resuscitation and other treatment.

Contact the Amari Law Firm to Discuss Your Living Will

Creating a living will can be an emotional and frightening process – few people enjoy discussing or considering the end of their lives. To help put you at ease, we are happy to offer free consultations, allowing you to discuss your needs without obligation.

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