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If you have been arrested for shoplifting or another theft of property offense, do not dismiss this as an insignificant charge. You could be facing a felony charge based on the value of products allegedly stolen. Get help from a knowledgeable lawyer prepared to handle both misdemeanor and felony theft charges.

Since 1978, Birmingham-based Amari Law Firm, L.L.C. has aggressively defended people charged with theft, shoplifting, robbery and burglary and other property crimes. Our firm will conduct a thorough investigation and challenge the evidence against you. We are determined to provide you with an aggressive, effective defense strategy.

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Protecting Your Constitutional Rights and Mounting a Solid Defense

Depending on the value of the property allegedly stolen, you could be facing first degree, second degree or third degree theft of property charges.

In any of these, prosecutors must prove your identity, and law enforcement often relies on security cameras in office buildings and shopping centers to do so. In some cases they rely on IDs obtained solely through the use of these cameras. Video surveillance cameras typically produce very low quality footage, however, and these images may be inadequate to substantiate a thief or shoplifter’s identity.

Attorney John Amari will investigate all of the evidence obtained against you to determine if police officers had probable cause to make an arrest. He will pore over all police leads, witness statements and other evidence if it appears contradictory or unreliable. No matter what the evidence against you, he will force the prosecution to prove every element of its case against you.

If a plea bargain is in your best interest, defense attorney Amari is an experienced negotiator who can work with the prosecutor to have the charges against you dismissed or greatly reduced.

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