Probation and Parole Violations Attorney in Birmingham

Many people assume that because they have been notified that they violated their probation or their parole that they must go to jail or the penitentiary. This is not the case, although that scenario is more likely to happen if you do not have a qualified criminal defense lawyer to explain your parole or probation violation circumstances to the judge.

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We Stand Up For You and Explain Your Situation in a Favorable Light

Everyone knows that going to jail does not help people improve their lives. It essentially ruins lives, families and destroys futures. Judges are aware of that, too. If, up to the point of your probation violation, you can show that you are trying to improve your life and you have witnesses who can testify to your character, we will use this information to your benefit at any hearing. We present your situation in a manner that can be compelling to any judge.

If you are facing the specter of going to jail on a probation violation, probation violation or as a result of a criminal charge, there are many ways that having a lawyer at your side can assist you.

We Want to See Our Clients Get a Second Chance

A common situation goes something like this: A client gets a five year sentence. The sentence was suspended and the person was given two years of probation instead. After one year, the person got arrested for trespassing. The probation was revoked— until the judge learned that the client had recently been laid off but had child support and other bills that needed to be paid. He had gone into an abandoned building to seek copper wiring so he could pay his bills when he was arrested, unaware that this was illegal. These are the kinds of cases in which we can help clients overcome jail sentences and get their lives back on track.

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