Youthful Offender and Under-21 DUI

Even if you are a minor, a DUI can have long-term consequences

Parents and their minor children often think that a DUI charge for a minor under 18 means the record will be sealed and won’t affect the youthful offender’s record. That is true for the criminal charge, but the driving record is not sealed.

  • A driving record that contains a suspended or revoked license affects driving privileges and insurance rates – even for a youthful offender.
  • At our law firm, we work toward keeping the driver’s license and seek alternative sentencing.
  • For those between 18 and 21, a DUI conviction has the same serious consequences of any DUI plus the added charge of underage drinking.
  • Our law firm has represented students at Samford, Birmingham Southern, Miles and UAB, always looking for alternatives that can keep the students’ records clear.

Knowing all your options is always important, but especially at the beginning of an adult life. Anyone can make a mistake. We work closely with our clients to minimize the damages a youthful mistake can cause.

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