First Offense DUI Arrests

Talk to a DUI DWI defense lawyer about your options

For most people, it is a shock to be faced with a DUI arrest. And for the majority, their first DUI arrest will be their last DUI arrest. At the Amari Law Firm, we want to work with you to minimize the damages of this one-time event.

An experienced DUI defense attorney can explain your options and guide you through the process. There are multiple options available. To take advantage of those options, you need a lawyer who knows the law, what programs you qualify for, and how to get you into those programs.

  • First offenders may be eligible for community service, a CRO (court referral order) program, a rehab program or deferred prosecution.
  • Under some circumstances, you may be able to preserve your good driving record and avoid a license suspension.
  • Do not make statements to the police or try to explain what happened. Let your lawyer speak for you.

A one-time DUI arrest does not have to ruin your record

Your best defense is to put your case into the hands of an experienced DUI DWI defense attorney. At our law firm, we have been helping people deal with experiences like a first offense DUI for more than 30 years. We will be on your side from the moment you call until your case is over.

Your first consultation is free. Tell a defense attorney at the Amari Law Firm about the circumstances of your arrest. Contact us for an appointment.