DUI and Drugs

Impairment from drugs – even a prescription – can lead to a DUI charge

If a drug affected your ability to drive, even if you did not drink any alcohol at all, you could be charged with DUI. The drug could be a prescription or an illegal drug such as marijuana, cocaine or meth.

  • A prescription – prescribed and taken legally – can lead to a DUI or DWI charge. If the drug caused impairment, if it affected your ability to drive, you could be arrested.
  • Illegally obtained prescription drugs can be the cause of impairment and can also lead to drug charges in addition to a DUI charge.
  • If you were stopped for erratic driving and the officer suspects a drug, the stop could lead to a drug possession charge, further complicating your situation.

As with any criminal charge, a DUI that includes a drug possession charge is serious. You need a defense attorney who can explain all of your options. The case may be moved to drug court. There could be opportunities for treatment or deferred judgment or alternative sentencing.

Experience and knowledge counts – and they can make a huge difference in how your case is decided. At the Amari Law Firm, we know the law well, and we are aware of all the available options. Every case is unique and requires a solution suited to the facts and circumstances of that case.

You can count on the Amari Law Firm for your DUI defense

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“I was arrested by an over-zealous police officer. That same day I called John and hired him to look into the charges against me. It turns out that I was charged with the wrong crime and I was charged with a crime that did not even exist. John had my case taken care of on the first visit to court.”