Commercial License (CDL) DUI

Truckers, your CDL and your job are at stake. Call a defense lawyer

For a trucker, loss of a commercial driver’s license means the loss of a job. The Amari Law Firm has represented truck drivers from Alabama and from out of state who have had their CDLs and their livelihoods threatened by a DUI arrest in Alabama or by a traffic ticket that could cancel the CDL.

No one with a DUI arrest or a license-threatening traffic ticket needs a lawyer more than the truck driver who is in danger of losing a driver’s license.
A federal mandate requires all alcohol-related CDL offenses be reported.

  • Automatic quarterly checks of records list all traffic-related offenses.
  • Any traffic offense needs to be challenged to keep your license valid.
  • Points can often be avoided by pleading to a lesser, non-moving-violation offense.

Most people can make a living and manage to get to work without a driver’s license. That is not true for truck drivers. Your CDL is essential to your livelihood.

If you are live in Alabama or if you are out of state and got a ticket or a DUI charge in Alabama, you need an aggressive defense attorney who can represent you at a driver’s license suspension hearing – in many cases without the need for you to be present.

Protect your CDL – and your job. Call a lawyer. 205-655-8484

If you have too many moving violations, our law firm can challenge the current ticket or prior tickets. The best defense is to challenge every ticket If you were arrested for DUI, you need aggressive, knowledgeable, immediate help to protect your CDL. Contact us for a free consultation.