Birmingham, Alabama, Defense Attorney for Possession of Marijuana

Arrested for possession of marijuana? Don’t think this is no big deal — get legal help immediately from a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. If you have a prior conviction, you may be charged with a felony.

Since 1978, Birmingham-based Amari Law Firm, L.L.C. has vigorously defended people charged with possession of controlled substances such as marijuana. Attorney John Amari is committed to providing clients with a focused, effective defense.

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Working Hard to Get Justice for You

At Amari Law Firm, L.L.C, we are guided by the principle of upholding justice for all. You are innocent until proven guilty. Attorney John Amari will defend your constitutional rights and challenge every element of the prosecution’s case against you. He will force the state to substantiate any toxicology evidence obtained against.

If the toxicology report fails to demonstrate you were using marijuana, we will fight for the case to be dismissed. Our attorneys will also seek for the charges to be dropped or greatly reduced if law enforcement violated your rights in any way:

  • Did the police officer have a probable reason to pull you over?
  • Were your Miranda rights read to you?
  • Were the police cooperative before the judge? Cases have been dismissed when police did not cooperate with the investigation.

Our detailed approach helps us develop an effective criminal defense strategy in every case.

Protecting Your Future

If the charges against you cannot be dismissed, we will make every effort possible to negotiate a lesser charge or reduced penalties. We know how jail can destroy lives. We fight hard to help our clients avoid jail time through diversion programs, such as Drug court. This is an alternative available for first offenders who are willing to go through a drug treatment program.

In Drug court, you will benefit from a treatment program to help you cope with your addiction to pot, prescription drugs, cocaine, and other illegal drugs. After you successfully complete the program, your drug charges will be dropped.

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