Harassment and Stalking

Call a lawyer before the situation gets out of hand

Too often, when people are accused of a domestic violence charge such as harassment or stalking, they don’t take it seriously. It seems like a minor incident that will just blow over given a few days or weeks.

That is a mistake. The police and prosecutors take all allegations of harassment or stalking seriously. If you have been accused, do not try to explain what happened. What you say can be taken out of context and contribute to the evidence against you.

  • Harassment can be a shove or kick or even making noise that alarms another person. It is a broad charge that can have serious consequences.
  • Stalking is a charge that carries a bad stigma. What may be coincidence can be perceived as a threatening situation to the person who is allegedly being stalked.

If you are accused of harassment or stalking, your first reaction should be to take full advantage of your right to remain silent. Call an experienced domestic violence defense attorney.

At the Amari Law Firm, you can talk about what happened. Whatever you tell your lawyer will be in complete confidence. Attorneys at the Amari Law Firm will give you a straightforward evaluation of your case and develop a defense strategy that fits the circumstances.

We know how to evaluate and challenge evidence. Our first objective will be to get the charges dismissed or lowered to a lesser offense. If the case goes to court, you will have an experienced trial lawyer on your side. Our firm knows how to effectively present a case to the jury.

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