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Domestic violence is a serious charge. Make sure you have a strong defense

Many people do not realize just how serious a charge of domestic violence or harassment could be. If you are convicted of a domestic assault, harassment, or related charge, you could be facing high fines and jail time. You could lose your right to carry a firearm. If you are an immigrant — even a green card holder — you could be deported. Your whole life could change.

Since 1978, Birmingham-based Amari Law Firm has vigorously defended people facing domestic violence allegations. Attorney John Amari is committed to providing every client with a focused, effective defense strategy and to forcing the prosecution to prove every element of its case.

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In order to protect victims of family violence, Alabama law requires police to make an arrest on a credible domestic violence call. If a couple gets into an argument and the neighbors call the police after hearing the argument, someone is going to jail.

Once Alabama domestic violence charges are filed, there is no taking them back. Your partner, spouse or girlfriend cannot drop the charges against you — only the prosecutor can. Most prosecutors have strict policies preventing them from doing so. That is why it is so important to hire an Alabama domestic violence attorney with knowledge and experience when dealing with prosecutors.

Don’t give up. John Amari has successfully handled domestic violence cases. He is an experienced trial lawyer who knows that juries don’t like it when a prosecutor makes a mountain out of a molehill.

Our firm defends people accused of charges such as:

We will fight for you — and we will not give up.

We are committed to defending your constitutional rights through effective, ethical criminal defense The Amari Law Firm will sift through all of the evidence, conduct his own investigation, and challenge every element of the state’s case. If appropriate, he may work to show the court you have taken steps toward self-improvement, such as meeting with a physiologist or joining an anger management program.

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