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No matter what the charges are against you, the fact that you have been arrested means you need an AL DUI lawyer who will protect your rights and provide a knowledgeable and aggressive defense. At the Amari Law Firm in Birmingham, we have provided a high level of service to our clients since 1978.

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  • DUI drunk driving: Even a first-time DUI conviction can have far-reaching consequences. You have options. Talk to an Alabama drunk driving defense lawyer at the Amari Law Firm. DUI and other traffic offenses can threaten your driver’s license and, if you are a truck driver, your CDL and your job.
  • Domestic violence: An argument with a spouse may seem unimportant, but when the police are involved, someone will usually be arrested – and will need the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.
  • Drug possession: Allegations of drug possession, drug distribution or drug trafficking can lead to jail or prison time and a criminal record. Know your rights and your options. Talk to an attorney.

Other criminal charges: An experienced criminal defense attorney can explain the charges, guide you through the system and protect your rights:

Our law firm also helps clients deal with general legal matters and estate planning.

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“I was arrested by an over-zealous police officer. That same day I called John and hired him to look into the charges against me. It turns out that I was charged with the wrong crime and I was charged with a crime that did not even exist. John had my case taken care of on the first visit to court.”