Decatur Police Uncover Elaborate Criminal Organization

The concerns of  Decatur citizens complaining to police that drug sales were occurring in several areas around town, helped lead to the arrest of what police are calling, an “elaborate criminal organization”.

The Decatur Police Department’s Organized Crime Unit reported it has arrested seven men on drug charges in an investigation into citizen complaints of illegal drug sales.  Those arrested are responsible for distributing crack cocaine as well as multiple kilos of cocaine in the city of Decatur.

Investigators in the case discovered the drug organization had two leaders, Edward James Owens, and Jim Mack Jones, both of whom are convicted felons.  Owens is currently in Morgan County Jail for violating the Sex Offender Registration Act and Jones was on parole after being convicted of murder in 1997.

Decatur police report  the investigation revealed several more suspects in the criminal organization.  Once Owens was incarcerated, Jones began controlling both the organization and the distribution of drugs as well.

Those arrested in the investigation and their corresponding charges are:  Jim Mack Jones III, 39 – four counts of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance; Tarvaris Oneal Jones, 27 – three counts of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance; Desmond Huber, 19 – two counts of distribution of a controlled substance; Frankie James McVay, 50 – one count of distribution of a controlled substance; Shannon Turner – possession of powder cocaine.

The Organized Crime Unit, according to the police report, observed Jones and his dealers selling quantities of crack cocaine at multiple locations on multiple occasions.  The suspects were arrested between May 30th and June 7th at different locations throughout Decatur.

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