Man Sentenced to Prison for DUI Fatality

A 75-year-old Prichard man struck and killed a pedestrian outside the Harlem Duke Social Club two years ago.  Although Alabama’s sentencing guidelines called for no prison time, a judge felt otherwise and sentenced the man to twelve years in prison, but suspended all but two years of the prison sentence.

Curtis Jackson Jr. was the 75-year-old man who tragically struck Frances Williams that night after making the decision to drink alcohol while on medication.

The police report states that Williams was out for an evening walk when she was struck and pinned under Jackson’s pickup truck in the 700 block of St. Stephens Road.

In February, Jackson pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter.  In court the assistant DA, Lars Granade, pointed out that Jackson not only had a previous DUI conviction, but had blacked out behind the wheel on two other occasions as well, and stated the defendant deserved a prison sentence for his actions that night.

Jackson’s defense attorney urged leniency for his client during the plea hearing because of his client’s age and military service.  He also pointed out that Jackson’s bac content that night was far below the legal limit to drive, and instead of a harsh sentence, suggested the suspension of his client’s driver’s license for five years.

The prosecution pointed out to the court that Jackson’s blood test was taken four-and-a-half hours after the fatal accident, which would most likely mean the defendant’s bac at the time of the accident was .09, above the state’s legal limit to drive.

Although Jackson offered an apology for his actions and said he had sought treatment for his blackouts and actually thought he was over them since he hadn’t had one for several months, unfortunately for him, Mobile County Circuit Judge Sarah Stewart agreed with the prosecution that Jackson deserved a harsher sentence that included incarceration, and she then sentenced him to two years in prison.  Judge Stewart did, however, allow Jackson to post a $10,000 bail to stay out of prison while he appeals his sentence.

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