Huntsville Restaurant Fight Leads to Charges of Kidnapping and Robbery

On Monday evening, Huntsville police officers were called to Baumhower’s Restaurant to investigate reports of a fight in the parking lot.  When officers arrived at the parking lot of the restaurant located at 4250 Balmoral Drive, they were told that two men pushed another man into the man’s own vehicle after a fight, and then drove off with the victim inside.

Fortunately the officers were able to quickly locate the vehicle with both the suspects and the victim inside.

According to the police report, the two suspects, Jonathan Burrell and Joel Riggs, were taken into custody and now face felony charges of first-degree kidnapping and second-degree robbery.  Burrell also faces misdemeanor charges of failure to appear for a traffic violation, failure to have liability insurance and failure to have a license for an animal.

Both 24-year-old Burrell and 25-year-old Riggs are being held in Madison County Jail without bond, and their criminal case is still under investigation.

Fortunately, the victim, Ryan Prince, received only minor injuries in his altercation with the defendants.

Kidnapping and robbery are very serious crimes.  In the state of Alabama, kidnapping in the first degree is a Class A felony, and if convicted on this charge,  Burrell and Riggs  could receive at least ten years in prison.  Robbery in the second-degree is a Class B felony offense, and if convicted of this crime, the two accused men would be imprisoned for at least two years.

To reduce the seriousness of their clients’ actions, however, the defendants’ attorneys could negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution.  In exchange for a guilty plea, the prosecution could agree to either reduce the charges against Burrell and Riggs, or agree to drop one of the charges, thus reducing the time the two defendants would spend in prison for the crimes they committed against Mr. Prince.

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