From Bad to Worse: Man Charged with Animal Cruelty Now Faces Drug Charges

Derrick Harris, of Pleasant Grove, already faced nineteen counts of Animal Cruelty (a misdemeanor)  in connection with his twenty pit bulls.  Now he is facing possession of a controlled substance (a felony) and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Police found the pills and a digital scale on Harris’ person while booking him into the city jail on the animal charges.

His dogs, in a state described as malnourished and sickly, were removed from his property. 

As has been reported recently in Alabama news, animal cruelty charges have been brought against dog breeders, and even animal shelters (for example, the case against “Purple Hearted Puppies.”)  Sadly, it seems that Pit Bulls are commonly abused, and are among the least likely to be adopted from shelters.  

It is not uncommon for an arrest to have “ripple effects” which spread out and become additional charges.  This is especially so when a case is notorious, or when public sympathy is aroused (as in the case of animal cruelty).   This is the time to secure good legal counsel for yourself, to fight for you, to separate the issues and to give you the best possible prospects for the future.

At our law firm, we are guided by the principle of upholding justice for all. We represent any man or woman in need of help, regardless of background or life situation. This is a critical time when you need a skilled and effective criminal defense attorney. We are committed to defending your constitutional rights.

Whether you need a strong defense because you were wrongly accused, whether the police made a bad judgment call, or if you need help getting into a treatment center, we are committed to getting you the help you need.

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